OCTO SaaS is a cloud based tracking and monitoring platform designed for businesses that are on the move to track their day to day operations with ease. It contains over 25 modules addressing different business operations and is focusing on automatically capturing information on what, when, where, who, and why.


OCTO SaaS have 3 public facing platforms that customers can use.

  1. APP - This is the live/production application instance.
  2. Beta - The Beta version hold the live data with upcoming features and functionality which are not yet released to production version. The functionalities can be less stable, but is a great place to adopt the new features before they are generally available.
  3. UAT - This is the sandbox instance which enterprise customers can use to try things out and play around. Anything you do here will not affect your live account and the data will be separate. Please note that this platform will undergo regular resets and any data that you might store here could be lost without notice. This is mainly established to try different features out before doing so on App or Beta platform on live data.

Both APP and Beta sites can be accessed with your regular logins and the data are connected from the same source.

If you are an enterprise customer, please contact us to setup access to your UAT account, and/or if you need to replicate your live data on the UAT.