Tracking platform
that's more than a
typical ERP

Discover how we are using RFID, Barcodes, GPS, and IoT to automate your standard ERP and eliminate Manual Data Entry, the root-cause of inaccurate information.

What, When, Where, Why, and Who

We are automating the answers for the questions of your business while allowing your employees to focus on what they do the best, instead of filling forms. We capture data automatically, cross check them for discrepancies, and takes corrective actions on-the-go.


Customize the screens and the data the way each user wants to get the individuals tasks completed quickly.

Saves time

With automated data capturing, double entry elimination, and real-time data visualizations; time is back in your hands.

Available anywhere

Access your business from anywhere in the world through any device. No software installations required.

Single platform

Control all operations of your business in a simple platform and integrate external apps and data sources.

Secure and safe

Hosted on leading cloud services with highest security standards you can have access all the time and feel at ease.

Easier than DIY

Want to build functionalities in-house? Access and expand functionalities through our API and Add-Ons.

Great analytics to tackle real problem

Get insight in to your business in an easy to understand dashboard to make real and practical changes that makes an impact. Get to know what you need in real-time.

  • Real-time reports and KPI dashboards
  • Adaptive planning and process management
  • Customizable dashboards based on user preference and role
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Stay informed by getting notified

Automatically get notified about events and processes that matters to you with our highly customizable notification system.

  • Email notification on user and process activity
  • Real-time dashboard notification
  • SMS/text message based approval and event notifications
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Experience the smarter way to capture business data

With All-in-one Tracking ERP with built-in RFID, Barcode, GPS, and IoT for your business